What is craps?

Craps is a game of dice in which the players place bets on the outcome of the dice when it is rolled. There are two different types of craps, and they are the casino (bank) craps which is played in formal setting and street craps which requires virtually no equipment to play; and thus, it can be played anywhere and in any informal setting. In the street craps, players wager money prizes against each other while in the casino craps, the players wager money on odds set by the house. Craps has come a long way and has a long history.

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Today, it has evolved up to a point where it is now played online. In the more formal bank craps type of playing, two or more players bet money in the casino where betting is controlled by the house. It is the house that also sets the odds and the players roll the dice, two in number, and in turns. The players who are not rolling the dice place chips on the numbers that they think either one of the dice will land and the shooter, that is, the player who is rolling the dice rolls. While the position of shooter rotates around the table in a clockwise direction with all players having a chance at rolling the dice, a player has a right to choose not to roll dice but can continue betting all the same.

While the casino craps calls for expertise to play, the online craps on the other hand is easy to play and anyone who is of a mind to play can really do so. There is nothing that is really complicated about it. At the same time, it is good to know that you can play online craps either for fun money or for real money. Fun money is where you do not bet any real money, and therefore, you do not collect even if you win; while in real money, you bet money on the odds set out by the house and in case you win, which is quite possible, you take home some real cash.

Online craps is a good place for you to start if you want to eventually become a good casino craps player. The good thing is that you can consider online craps practice sessions and sharpen your table skills where you can later on take on pros and play for real money. As you play online craps, you will find that many sites offer the game even for free and you will therefore emerge top with practice and knowhow, all gained for nothing. However, should you also choose to play for real money, you can decide on a game in which you can bet some real money and play for that.

There are many distinct advantages that come with playing online craps as opposed to casino craps which is slower and somewhat of a ruckus. In online craps, it is easier to keep track of bets and there is also fast game play. In online craps, there is utterly no chance of rigging no matter how good a person is at the game. This is because the winning combinations are always pre-determined by a random number generator. In most casinos and online gambling sites for craps, the RNG is usually vetted by the relevant authorities concerned and therefore there are no incidences of the house cheating out on you. Between all the rounds in the game, you can have more time for decision making unlike the real table craps where it is quite a crowd, and all of them trying to decide at once to their convenience.

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