Have you heard about the favorite emerging casino game? Yes! It is Baccarat. Believe you me I believe it is the most interesting casino game on Earth. It has distinctive features, unique players and superb benefits because it is a card game played in a casino. Many people think it is new, but really it has been around for centuries, not merely decades.

Imagine, it was played in France while King Charles the V111 was ruling, around the same time Columbus was trying to discover a new trade route in the mid 15th century. It can be speculated that some of the sailors tried their hand at it while losing hope on their voyage to the new world.

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There are three characteristic variations of this game that fascinate casino lovers. They are the Baccarat Chemin de Fer, Baccarat Banque (a deux tableux), and Punto Banco (American Baccarat). As such, even though this game originated in France, it has now become Americanized to the extent of becoming a very popular twenty first century addition to casino culture.

Characteristic features of the game

It is often considered simple with only three possible winners; namely the player, banker and a tie. The banker and player relationship has no superior or inferior positions in the game but merely represent the two playing options posed by the betting customer. As such, there is a banker’s rule as well as players’. However, the player’s rules seem far less complicated than those of the banker.

The game usually begins with two cards being dealt each to the player and the banker. An independent, extra non-player acts as a referee. This person is known as the croupier who allows them to total the amount on both cards. After cards are totaled and the score announced, the player whose total ranges from 0- 5, has the chance to draw a third card. If it is then above five, being 6 or 7 a stand pat, off, or aside is created which means that the player has to pass up the play by simply being exempt from that draw, but all is left to the discretion of the croupier.

The banker’s rule is similar, but seems highly complicated for a learner or novice to the game. There is a stand pat rule for the banker as well. After the player has no draw, the banker can take the opportunity to draw. The cycle of draws and stand pat continues until the end of the game. Finally, the person with the higher score wins. Conclusively, if after the first draw both the banker and player have a tie of 8 or 9 the game ends.

Playing Baccarat at a Casino

Casinos around the world use Baccarat as one of the major economic ventures in the casino business. Large casino establishments such as those in Las Vegas in Atlanta City offer variations of Baccarat adapted to the orientation of customers. It is aimed to encourage more customers to participate and thereby eventually create more revenue.

Therefore, to endorse the privacy of the game and customers a special area is designed for participants. These are special rooms separate from the regular casino gaming centers. It has been reported that casino customers spend thousands of dollars in Baccarat and it is a very useful income earner in the casino business as it relates to consumer profit. Minimum bets start at $500 US and go up to a maximum of $10,000.


The benefits are huge compared to other casino games. Experts in the business have reported comparable losses to wins as with any casino game played today but the added benefit of Baccarat is that more players tend to win than experience huge losses. Importantly, the same way one takes a risk in getting out of bed every day, so in the same way the risk of playing baccarat has its advantages.

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